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Corporate Energy Sourcing (corporate PPAs) – a win win for everybody

Long-term (up to 15 years) power supply agreements between corporate energy consumers and green energy producers mean: 

  • Energy-intensive businesses are powered by clean, renewable energy bought straight from the producers; they are able to demonstrate eco-friendliness to their more and more demanding customers
  • Guarantees of origin are an added, sought-after benefit
  • Corporate energy consumers take advantage of fixed price of electricity over a long period of time – businesses are not exposed to electricity price hikes
  • Energy producers enjoy a secured, stable income that serves as security for financing

The potential for corporate PPA of renewable energy in Poland is significant but largely untapped. Corporate PPAs offer a palpable opportunity for future development of wind farms in Poland.

The Wind Energy Forum is a unique opportunity to find out about the first and only multi-stakeholder platform in Europe bringing together the interests of both renewable energy buyers and sellers.

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